Press release: Wilhelm L. Holst joins the team at Lorentzen & Stemoco

Lorentzen & Stemoco Shipbrokers are pleased to announce that Wilhelm L. Holst is joining the company as its new Global Head of Shipbroking with main focus on Newbuilding/S&P in Oslo, as well as an Executive Consultant to the Board.

Wilhelm Holst’s primary areas will be within both tanker and drybulk shipping segments, which the company already has a strong presence in on both the Newbuilding/S&P and chartering markets in Oslo, Shanghai, Singapore and New York.
Wilhelm has extensive experience from the shipping industry, coming from the role as Senior Partner and member of the executive committee at RS Platou, having held roles in the company as Head of Shipbroking, Chief Operating Officer and Head of S&P.

“I’m thrilled that Wilhelm has decided to join the team at Lorentzen & Stemoco. We’ve been working hard on reshaping business execution and accelerating company growth, especially in terms of how we offer Newbuilding/S&P services to our clients. Wilhelm will be an integral part of that growth area, as well as the next chapter of this company.” Says Caroline Figenschou Tidemand, CEO of Lorentzen & Stemoco.