L&S Capital

L&S | Capital deliver structured financing support and function as an application that connects L&S clients with unconventional financial solutions.

L&S Capital collaborates with established and compliant portfolio management companies in our core markets – Scandinavia and China. We structure specialized portfolios of asset backed investment opportunities in the maritime sector. With a staff of highly experienced maritime investment professionals, we structure investment entry points, operations and exit strategies to meet investors’ scope, return and risk criteria.

The team is exclusively dedicated to the maritime industry, and operates with industry compliant checks on transparency, stringent investment guidelines, governance procedures and risk management controls, and without any legacy issues. With the broad range of L&S brokerage teams and L&S | Research fully integrated herein, we benefit from current, specialist maritime knowledge across all major market segments.

We maintain a strong network within a wide range of financing institutions which enables us to work intimately with our clients in structuring and negotiating financing solutions within all conventional and niche spaces and for all scenarios whether being funding of second hand S&P and Newbuilding acquisitions or broader corporate company restructuring and refinancing scenarios.

Lorentzen & Stemoco | Capital handle all portfolio management key value drivers in-house

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